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National Council of Jewish Women Arizona Calls for Nation-wide Opposition to Stop Dangerous “Personhood” Bills

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Arizona section of the National Council of Jewish Women (NCJWAZ) calls for a nation-wide action to stop two draconian anti-abortion bills that are moving quickly through the Arizona legislature.

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Wise Aging Program Starting

For several years, NCJW AZ has offered the Wise Aging Program for members seeking to confront the challenges of aging from a spiritual as well as a practical perspective.

A new cohort is being formed by our leaders. The program will be held on Zoom.

Contact Hannah Kaplan at or Anita Rabinowitz at for information.

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Our newest project - creating a healing center to empower survivors of sexual assault to gain control of their lives. 

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Vello Volunteers Are Needed! Help a 3rd or 4th Grader Online!

Vello Volunteering is back. Vello is an internet-based United Way program to help children improve their reading and comprehension skills. Volunteers follow along as the student reads helping as needed.

NCJW AZ members have been involved in Vello since its inception 3 years ago. You control your schedule which usually involves 30 minutes per week. Let Hannah Kaplan know if you have an interest or would like more info. Her email is

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